Ayurvedic Medicine for the Modern Age

The Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH) Students, clients and staff are attracted to the center’s integrative approach, which adheres to the rigorous care standards set by the World Health Organization and AYUSH. CAISH’s curriculum meets the licensing requirements for Ayurvedic practitioners in Canada and the United States.

Our integrative approach is twofold: 1) we integrate all sciences of Indian medicine and 2) we integrate Indian health sciences with Western health sciences. This innovative and contemporary application of ancient Vedic principles provides practical and usable knowledge to our students and clients. This approach preserves Ayurveda as an ancient, yet highly relevant health science in our modern world.

Our Vision for Ayurvedic Medicine Study and Practice

This is our vision for the contemporary study and practice of Ayurveda, beginning with our local Toronto, Canada community:

To nurture the education and development of Ayurveda and Indian systems of healing, setting forth an integrated, natural health care model that greatly impacts the entire wellness community.

CAISH is a women-led organization that believes in:

providing a conscience-driven, community-centered home for learning, healing and support
Engaging in partnerships and community building
Providing completely individualized and personal treatment to all clients, improving overall health and vitality in addition to the original concern
Encouraging all students with knowledge, support and guidance in order to serve humanity as healers
promoting diversity in health care by looking beyond personality, economics and the physical body, treating everyone with integrity and equality
empowering the individual with an inner understanding of oneself to make life better and reduce the impact of stress on the body
providing individuals with insights into their own mind-body connection, in order to create a more permanent, longer-lasting sense of wellness in a world of quick fixes

Ways You Can Access Ayurveda in Toronto, Canada

Ayurveda translates from the Sanskrit as “knowledge of living”. At CAISH, we’re dedicated to making one of the world’s oldest healing systems accessible to anyone who wishes to benefit from it, regardless of socio-economic status, religious beliefs or nationality.

CAISH Education

CAISH is the first organization of its kind in North America to offer training in various modalities of Indian Medicine and healing practices using the benchmark educational standards set by the WHO (World Health Organization) and AYUSH (The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy in India). Our curriculum meets the training standards of the WHO and well licensing requirements for Ayurvedic practitioners in Canada and the United States.

Our teachers have a distinguished background in Ayurveda, Yoga, Indian Naturopathy, and NadiVigyan (pulse reading). They are masters in their fields of study with qualifications from India and Canada, and share a teaching style that promotes a supportive and inspirational atmosphere.

CAISH students learn in a holistic and inclusive environment, geared to the support and development of all of the members of the community. Our combined classroom and hands-on training styles of learning encompass ancient as well as contemporary and innovative approaches. Course work includes several types of Indian medicine: Ayurveda, Yoga, and Nadi-MarmaVigyan (Ayurvedic Neurotherapy, available only at CAISH outside of India).

CAISH Health & Wellness Clinics

At the CAISH Clinics, care is provided to suit individual health needs. The clients’ requirements are always at the forefront of all decisions regarding care. Three levels of clinic are available, helping to bring Ayurvedic care to a wide range of people.

Our Health & Wellness Practitioner teams are licensed experts in their areas of practice.
Our Student Clinic offers an opportunity for those seeking disease prevention and a better understanding of how to set and maintain health and wellness goals.

CAISH Apothecary

The CAISH Apothecary carries Ayurvedic raw herbs and manufactured Ayurvedic formulations. These come in various forms, including tablets, capsules, essential oils, herbal oils and teas. All herbs and herbal formulations are thoroughly researched and tested for quality by our team; they are approved by Health Canada. Gift certificates and world-wide shipping are available.

CAISH Community

CAISH’s mission is to provide an authentic, yet contemporary approach to the ancient knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine to our community within and beyond Toronto, Canada and seekers from all over the world. Students of Ayurveda and wellness clinic clients experience the highest standards in Ayurvedic medicine education and practice as set forth by the WHO and AYUSH. We also offer advanced training and services in partnership with reputable institutes in India. All products sold in our apothecary are thoroughly researched and approved by Health Canada, and are available for shipping worldwide.


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