Delight Your Doshas with Ayurvedic Herbs and Oils!

Ayurvedic medicine is all about balance! And there is no better way to balance your life than buying the purest and most beneficial Ayurvedic products you can!

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Toronto, Canada area, you can pick up your Ayurvedic products personally! Choose from many popular items, including:


Triphala – A gentle, detoxifying blend of three fruits traditional to Ayurvedic medicine: amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki. This herbal formulation is supportive of digestion and the entire GI tract.


Ayurvedic massage oil – Soothing, healing and delightful, let us help you choose oils for your “abhyanga” that suit your dosha type. A wonderful practice for stress reduction.


Ayurvedic diet supplements – If you choose to eat foods most balancing to your dosha type, then your supplements can follow suit. We carry herbs and formulations that benefit Pitta, Vata and Kapha doshas. Just ask us what you’re looking for!


Textbooks – We carry the textbooks you need for our courses and workshops.

Because we carry only the freshest herbs and oils available, it’s best to call ahead and confirm we have the products you’re looking for. Pre-ordering ensures we will have the products and textbooks you need when you arrive. Call or email us with your list and we will arrange a pickup time with you on Tuesday or Thursdays between 12pm and 5pm.

Does it Matter Where You Buy Ayurvedic Herbs, Oils and other Products?

Well, we like to think so! We take great care and effort to discover sources for the best and freshest Ayurvedic herbs, tinctures and oils. The companies we select supply herbs and preparations that are grown and harvested using sustainable methods and adhere to fair trade customs.

The CAISH Apothecary carries Ayurvedic raw herbs and manufactured Ayurvedic formulations. These come in various forms, including tablets, capsules, oils and teas. All herbs and herbal formulations are thoroughly researched and tested for quality by our team. They are also approved by Health Canada.

Should you desire, qualified staff are here to help you with your selection.

Q&A from the Ayurvedic Store Near You!

How do I order specific Ayurvedic formulations?

Call or email us to prepare a formula recommended by your practitioner. Pickup is Tuesdays or Thursdays from 12 pm to 5:00 pm only.

Do you ship Ayurvedic products?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world.

Are your Ayurvedic herbs and products organically certified?

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Are your Ayurvedic herbs wild-crafted or greenhouse grown?

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Are Ayurvedic herbs safe to use with medication?

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The Gift of Balance: Gift Certificates for Ayurvedic Products, Education and Consultations!

Now you can give your friends and family an opportunity to purchase products, attend a workshop, or receive a consultation from one of our certified Ayurvedic practitioners. You can purchase these certificates online, by phone, or in person at the clinic.

We Bring You the Best Ayurvedic Products with Our Partners

CAISH is pleased to partner with AyuMantra, Sewanti and Aangen Community Centre. AyuMantra (Toronto) and Sewanti (Vancouver) are providers of comprehensive lines of Ayurvedic products. Aangen is a local organization to Toronto, Canada that packages high quality herbs and sponsors projects that help care for people who have fallen on hard times. Trade Technocrats is another local Ontario, Canada supplier of herbs and oils with whom we are glad to associate.

CAISH is proud to offer the purest and most ethical Ayurvedic herbs, oils, teas and other products to our community in Toronto, Canada—and selective shoppers all over the world. Students of our courses and workshops, clients seen at our wellness clinics and the Toronto community can find the Ayurvedic products they need with help from our staff. We also ship worldwide. All products sold in our apothecary are subject to quality, potency and ethical standards. All are approved by the Canadian Natural Health Directorate.


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