Ayurveda in Toronto: A Home for Learning, Healing and Support

Community stands as one of the four pillars of CAISH’s existence, along with its educational programs, healing clinics and apothecary. However, community is the reason CAISH exists, as its founder, Ismat Nathani explains: “When I immigrated to Canada in 2000, the standards, resources and awareness of natural medicine were not to be found in Toronto.”

After a lifetime of studying Indian and natural medicine and managing busy integrative medicine centers in India and the United Kingdom, Ismat knew she must fill the void. She pledged to bring Ayurvedic and natural medicine to Canada, beginning with her Toronto community. Now, CAISH, a registered Canadian Federal not-for-profit organization, offers a multitude of courses and programs.

CAISH touches the community all year long with informative talks, workshops, donation-based health clinics and other outreach programs. We work with students, practitioners and educators from other Ayurvedic institutions in North America and abroad. With support from the government, partners and sponsors, CAISH brings the empowerment and self-healing of Ayurvedic medicine to the Toronto community and beyond.

CAISH Shares Ayurvedic Programs in Toronto

Information Talks:

Held about four times per year, various self-care and health topics are covered at these informative sessions. Examples are: women’s health, heart health, spring and fall cleansing, essential oils for daily use, using spices as medicine and more. Talks are free of charge.
Special events include:

Open House at CAISH:

Attendees enjoy refreshments and learn from CAISH founder, Ismat Nathani-Dhala, other teachers, students, graduates and highly-respected experts. Ayurveda, other Indian systems of healing and complementary healing systems from other countries and cultures are often represented at an Open House event.

Talks in other Venues:

At times, CAISH is invited to organize a talk hosted by various organizations: yoga studios, health food stores, other educational institutions and corporations/non-profits.

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Yearly Picnics:

One of our favorite events, the picnic is an opportunity to gather together in a beautiful natural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our entire community is invited—students, teachers, clients, practitioners and guests—to venture out to nurseries, farms and greenhouses to learn new things from new perspectives. We share food from our own kitchens, learn more about Ayurvedic cooking and eat heartily—of course! A wonderful forum to share, laugh and learn from each other in an open and casual atmosphere.

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Outreach Programs:

CAISH works with government and private organizations to educate the community about Ayurveda. These workshops are open to all and include a variety of topics and activities, such as: Ayurvedic cooking, food tastings, medicated ghee and oils, Ayurvedic face massage, meditation, movie night, demonstrations,lunch and learn, wellness clinics and more.

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Ayurveda Day Conference:

CAISH’s signature event that stretches far and wide to share Ayurveda with the community! Educators, students, Ayurvedic product vendors and Ayurveda enthusiasts converge upon Toronto to share their love and knowledge of Ayurveda with the community!

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Ayurvedic Medicine Resources CAISH Offers in Toronto

CAISH offers several ways to administer the ancient knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine to all who wish to enhance their well-being—especially those in need.

Student Clinics:

Community members can experience Ayurvedic medicine at the on-campus CAISH student clinic. Appointments are donation-based and conducted by students who are in the process of completing their certifications as an Ayurveda Wellness Counsellor, Advanced Ayurveda Wellness Counsellor or Ayurveda Panchkarma Therapist. All student clinics are overseen by the CAISH faculty.

Wellness Camps:

CAISH sets up wellness camps in order to make Ayurvedic medicine available to those in outlying areas. We coordinate with our partner, Aangen, to provide these services and offer a lower fee structure for those on Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

At both on-campus student clinics and wellness camps, clients receive empowering information to enhance their wellness, which may include:


an analysis of their dosha constitution (Ayurvedic body type)


advice on programs to promote wellness


suggestions for specific therapies like abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) and hatha yoga postures


dietary guidelines, according to their dosha

CAISH is proud to offer a home for Ayurvedic study and care in our facilities in Toronto, Canada. Students and wellness clinic clients alike can expect the highest standards in Ayurvedic medicine education as well as advanced training and services in partnership with reputable institutes in India. All products sold in our apothecary are subject to quality, potency and ethical standards.


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