STC 59 Practicals of Ayurveda

This course can be taken for personal development and is a pre-requisite for all certification programs. You will learn the history of Ayurveda, Samkhya philosophy, the concepts and attributes of the doshas and your constitution, Ayurvedic lifestyles, diet and nutrition, daily and seasonal routines, and practical applications to maintain a healthy balance in your daily life. This workshop is a 15-hour weekend class. $175 plus taxes / 15 hours November 17th & 18th, 2018 Facilitator: Ismat Dhala-Nathani

STC 51 Ayurveda Ayurvedic Massage – Abhyanga:

The ancient science of Ayurveda works on both the physical and subtle body to balance prana, relax the body, rejuvenate the soul and calm the mind. You will learn how to perform an authentic Ayurvedic massage, the specialized strokes and marma point pressure for each dosha, the indications and contra-indications for this therapy, the specific oils for each constitution and more. This 3- day program includes the training in head massage (shiroabhyanga). Practicum training days will be held after the initial 3-day program. No pre-requisite is required, but some knowledge of body-work and Ayurveda is beneficial. Benefits: Increases circulation, liberates toxins, balances chakras, nourishes the skin Course price includes: Training,Practicum training days, Exams/Certification and Starter kit Starter kit includes: 2L sesame seed oil, 100 ml Dhanvantrum/Mahanarayan oil, Vata, Pitta & Kapha essential oil. **Pre-requisite required: 25 hours of previous Ayurvedic training $850 / 50 hours

STC 54 Ayurvedic Healing Foods & Nutrition

Discover the healing powers of food. Explore the uses of herbs & spices and food combinations to get the best nutritional value. Take a glimpse into the science of the Ayurvedic diet by understanding the different body constitutions. In Ayurveda, diet and nutrition are of primary importance in disease prevention and promotion of health. With this knowledge you will be able to choose and prepare the foods that are best for your constitution. This is the essence of physical, emotional and mental well-being. This intensive weekend is for health professionals seeking to understand the principles and practices of Ayurvedic Nutrition. Benefits: Rebuilding immune system, regulating metabolism, improving sleep, pacifying overactive doshas Course price includes: Ayurvedic Nutritional Charts and general reading/Certificate of Attendance 15 hour


Shirodhara is the ancient Ayurvedic therapy of rejuvenation and balance. This subtle yet powerful treatment is highly effective in alleviating mental stress and nervous tension. You will learn the ancient art of applying the perfect stream of warm oil to the third eye chakra and forehead region to restore clarity, comprehension, and concentration. The complete procedure of Shirodhara will be given along with the appropriate oils to use for each dosha, and the indications and contra-indications for this therapy. This workshop is an excellent complimentary modality for your personal or professional healing practice and is offered to health care and healing practioners only. Benefits: Revitalizes the central nervous system, relieves mental tension, induces calm state of mind, relieves anxiety, anger, hair loss, insomnia, fatigue and more. Course price includes: Training,Practicum days at the center, Exams/Certification and Starter kit Starter kit includes: 2L sesame seed oil, 100 ml Sheerbala oil, 100ml Brahmi oil. 100 grams each Amla & Sandalwood powder herbs 40 hours

STC 52 Ayurvedic Herbs for Common Conditions

Ayurvedic culinary and special gentle herbs that are beneficial for our general health & well being that can be applied in our day to day living increasing the longevity of oneself. Application and simple preparation methods will be taught Course price includes: Ayurvedic Herb Charts and handouts/Certificate of Attendance $175 plus taxes / 15 hrs December 8th & 9th, 2018 Facilitator: Leena Athparia


Marmas are the vital points in the body, which are the precursors to the inspiration of Acupuncture points. These points are the intersections where mind, body and spirit meet. Explore the basic understanding of the chakras, pranas, nadis and marmas and their integral connection for balancing the mind, body & spirit. Benefits: Eliminates congestion to allow for healing of the entire body. Course price includes: Marma Charts and general reading & Certificate of Attendance $295 / 15 hrs


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