India Intensive – Ayurvedic Clinical & Experience



100 HOURS – FEBRUARY 24 TO MARCH 11, 2020 

A truly unique combination of experiential learning in the most natural environment, including hands-on clinical studies and professional academia. Connect with authentic Ayurvedic botanical science in its place of origin. Enhance Ayurvedic nutritional knowledge and training in Panchkarma therapies. Experience the true nature of Ayurveda. Explore herbal gardens and herbal preparations, learning their place in well-being.

An intensive two-week program in Ayurvedic clinical management organized by the Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH) in collaboration with the International Academy of Ayurveda (IAA), a world-renowned, esteemed faculty of Dr. Subash and Dr. Sunanda Ranade. This course is based in Pune, India and is a stand-alone program of advanced learning in Kaya Chikitsa or Ayurvedic clinical management.

Who Can Apply

The minimum requirement to take this program is 1000 hours of education in Ayurvedic Medicine at the Centre for Ayurveda & Indian Systems of Healing or at any recognized Ayurvedic school in North America.

India Clinical Intensive Course Locations & Syllabus

Over the course of 15 days, students will receive 75 hours of hands-on clinical training in the classroom with an additional 25 hours of reading material provided for nightly study.  

Week 1 Location – TanMan Ayurvedic Research Center in Bhukum, Pune

Topics Covered: Training in Kaya Chikitsa, inclusive of Panchkarma

  • Module 1: Classical methods of constitutional analysis and disease assessment
  • Module 2: Management and treatments of diseases (inclusive of Panchkarma)

See TanMan Ayurvedic Research Center for more information.

Week 2 Location – D.Y. Patil University in Akurdi, Pune

  • Module 3: Practical hands-on health clinics and Ayurvedic hospital visits at D.Y. Patil University

See D.Y. Patil University, Pune for live pictures.

TanMan Ayurvedic Research Center

See for information on the TanMan Ayurvedic Research Center.

D.Y. Patil University, Pune

See for live pictures of the D.Y. Patil University, Pune.

India Clinical Intensive Program Fee

$3500 plus taxes per student

International and national air flights are NOT included.  Room and board, food and ground transportation (train, bus and taxi) are NOT included.  Course fees do not include additional pre-requisite credits or applicable taxes.

Initial payment of $1500 is due before December 14, 2019.  ($500 is non-refundable upon withdrawal from the tour.)

India Clinical Intensive Program Room & Board

Students will stay on site where their studies are taking place.

Estimated Cost: $80-$100 per day, per person (on a twin or triple sharing basis) and food.

Week 1:

  • Arrive at the TanMan Ayurvedic Research Center in Khatpewadi, Bhukum (near Pune), Maharashtra 412115, India.
  • Checking in on February 22, 2020 and checking out March 1, 2020.

Week 2:

  • Arrive at the D.Y. Patil College of Ayurveda & Research Centre located on campus in Akurdi, Pune.
  • Checking in on March 1, 2020 and checking out March 11, 2020.

India Clinical Intensive Required Text

Reference materials and course materials will be provided free of charge during the training in India with additional books available for purchase.

India Clinical Intensive Program Travel Tips

  • It is advisable to allow two days between your flight landing date and the start of class to account for jet lag and acclimatization.
  • Participants can choose to receive Abhayanga and other Ayurvedic therapies at the TanMan Ayurvedic Research Centre.
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