Ayurvedic Health Educator (AHE)

The Ayurvedic Health Educator course is an intermediate 6 months course of an in-depth transformational learning journey.

Students will be gaining a strong knowledge of Ayurveda to be able to advise and educate on nutrition, lifestyle & appropriate use of common herbs.


Study of Ayurvedic concepts of health and disease.


Practical application of Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle.


Understanding and determination of doshas (constitutions).


Be able to draw effective dietary plan and self-care recommendations.


ASCC program completion [or equivalent 200-hour certification program in Ayurveda].

Course Fee:

$3,900 plus applicable taxes. Students trained at another Ayurvedic school can apply for credits.

Duration of the Program:

6 months. Alternate weekend classes and one (1) weekday online evening class for discussion and reviews

Hours of Study Breakdown

300 Total Hours:  150 hours are in class and 75 hours are online &  75 hours home practise, case studies and reading In order to be certified, students must complete 10 case studies and a1000 words essay as part of final assessment. Quiz test will be taken after each module

Application Process:

Apply Here

Scope of Practice:

Ayurvedic Health Educators will be able to effectively apply Ayurvedic knowledge for enhancing health & wellbeing of individuals or groups or for facilitation of prevention towards disease.

What’s Next?

Ayurveda Health Educator a CAISH certificate program the credits gain in this program can be applied towards professional programs.


40 credits

Total HoursFacultyCertificationSTART DatePayment
300 HoursIsmat Nathani, MSc, DNM Sairupa Krishnamurti, BA

CAISH certification of attendance & completed 300 hours of training in:

Ayurvedic Health Educator


April 7, 2020APPLY NOW
  • Module 1 Fundamentals of Ayurveda 6 credits
    • History & Philosophy
    • Element foundation and applications (Panch Mahabuta, Gunas & Tatva)
    • Foundation of complete Dosha understanding Level 1
    • Ayurveda & Yoga the Sister Sciences

    Module 2 Preventative & Social Health “Swastha Vritta” 6 credits

    • Definition of Health and Disease
    • Understanding the paradigm between doshas constitutions and dosha imbalance.
    • Daily & Seasonal care “Dinacharya and Ritucharya”
    • Thoughts & Behavior “Acchar & Vichaar”

    Module 3 Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology 5 credits

    • Dosha and Subdosha function, role and dynamics
    • Dhatu, Shrota & Malas
    • Disease formations

    Module 4 Agni and Digestion 6 credits

    • Concept of Agni
    • Types and state of Agni
    • Signs of imbalance Agni
    • Digestion and agni relation
    • Ama and its manifestation in disease

    Module 5 Nutrition &6 credits

    • 6 Taste Theory of Ayurvedic Nutrition
    • Dosha Food charts
    • Healing food
    • Diet in accordance to Lifestyle

    Module 6 Herbology 6 credits

    • Theory of Ayurvedic Pharmacopea
    • Study of 25 Ayurvedic culinary and general herbs
    • Grouping of herbs and methods of intake & other applications
    • Indications and contraindications of the herbs

    Module 7 Ayurvedic Application for health & wellbeing 5 credits

    • Learning how to determine the imbalance state of dosha
    • Food and Lifestyle compatibility
    • Be able to draw effective dietary plan and self-care recommendations
    • Identify when a health concern needs medical attention

    Total credit 40

MonthWeekend Session DatesWeekday Session Dates

Saturday & Sunday

9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

[8 hours x 16 weekend days]


7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

[2 hour class online]
April 201927 & 28 25 (Orientation)
May 20195, 25 & 262, 9, 16, 23 & 30
June 20199, 22 & 236, 13, 20 & 27
July 201914, 27 & 2811, 18 & 25
August 201924 & 251 & 29
September 201915, 28 & 295, 12, 19 & 26
Total Hours112 hours38 hours


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