Today in the world, we see that most consumption of natural or manufactured products—specifically during times of celebration—are driven from a psycho-emotional state of expectation, falsehood, greed or fear. Excessive purchase of gifts, overindulgence in food and drink and obsession over appearances eventually cause stress and take away the bliss of sharing, uniting and gratitude. Above all, this unneeded stress becomes the primary impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

In order to attain joy and happiness from the things you do, Charaka advises us to focus on:
HOW you do rather than WHAT you do.
Similarly, with thoughts and feelings, focus on:
HOW you think rather than WHAT you think.
HOW you feel rather than WHAT you feel.
Here are three simple principles that Ayurveda and Yoga recommend for a complete experience in your daily, seasonal or yearly activities:
1.     Less is more.
2.     Consistency is the vibration.
3.     Moderation is the key to balance.


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